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Three Ways to Get on Track with Your Taxes

Tax season is in and we don’t want to waste precious time and effort chasing after deadlines. The best thing to do is to prepare early. You don’t have to go through all the stresses of filling-up forms, calculating amounts, and finding relevant documents in a short amount of time. Do these three simple steps [...]

Tax Facts Related to Your Self-Employment and/or Your Hobby

You enjoy making money out of your hobby. That is good to know. Only, this is where certain lines must be drawn and you must be sure that the hobby you enjoy doing and at the same time gaining some cash is really free from any tax liabilities There are many myths out there and [...]

Cut Down Your Tax Bill with These Employer-Sponsored Savings Accounts

Now that tax season has started, you may want to be aware and take advantage of these savings account that will help you save more, benefit more, and generally lower your tax bill. There are actually several plans and accounts that will help you stretch your money this year but the three presented here are [...]